Top 15 Fitness App for iOS 2018

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If you’re trying to lose weight, work on your fitness, or eat better, your iPhone can be a helpful tool — but only if you have the right app. Thankfully, we dug through hundreds of apps out there to give you our take on the best iPhone fitness apps in the App Store to help you stay healthy and fit.

Weight loss

Sometimes, the prospective health benefits of exercise aren’t enough to get you out the door and on the trail. The apps below are designed to give you another compelling reason, whether it’s the opportunity to earn virtual badges, a chance to win actual prizes, or simply the prospect to not get ridiculed.

Nike Training Club

Nike’s official app has a library of 30- to 45-minute workouts that are based on your goals and fitness level. Importantly, the app explains how to execute each exercise with how-to videos and even lets you share your accomplishments on social networks.

Carrot Fit ($4)

Carrot is an artificial intelligence construct that threatens, inspires, ridicules, and bribes you — whatever it takes — to get you moving. It’s a wonderful motivator that features a seven-minutes-in- hell workout that will require you to do 30 seconds of 12 punishing exercises and will berate you if you don’t.

Argus: Calorie Counter & Steps

Argus is a neat all-in-one activity tracker that monitors your sleep, heart rate, calories, and more. The app offers challenges to overcome, as well as the option to build your own workout plan. You can even add food you eat by scanning the barcode on the label to track your calories.

Lose It! — Calorie Counter

Lose it tracks food intake and fitness activities. Plug in your height, weight, age, and how much weight you are trying to lose (if any at all) and the app constructs a recommended net calorie intake based on how many calories you consume and how many you burn.


Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal boasts a database of more than 5 million foods to sort through, making it easier to track what you eat. It also features a step tracker and a barcode scanner, to make sure you’re able to track everything in your diet.


Though running may not be the most exhilarating of exercises, it remains the foundation of countless activities in the athletic community — whether talking soccer, Frisbee, or football. Moreover, it’s one of the most minimalist sports in existence, essentially requiring nothing more than your free will and desire to run. The following apps are designed to make the most of your running capabilities, charting and mapping your progress along the way.

Fit Radio

Music is a powerful workout companion, and Fit Radio is a streaming service specifically built for maintaining a constant rhythm while you work out. A premium subscription costs $4 a month, but there is also a free subscription available if you don’t mind ads and a limited feature set. Regardless of which you choose, however, you will be able to select music based on a genre, your desired BPM, or a specific workout routine (spinning, Zumba, etcetera).

Strava Running and Cycling: GPS Run and Ride Tracker

Strava is an excellent tracking app that monitors your runs or cycling route via GPS. It also gamifies your cardio workout and pairs with leaderboards, achievements, and challenges, bringing a competitive spirit to your routine.

‘Zombies, Run!’

In this story-based workout app, you’re Runner 5. Your mission? To help rebuild civilization by retrieving critical supplies outside of your virtual base. The app keeps track of your distance, as the story and instructions play out, but fear not, you can still listen to your music as you run.

Runkeeper — GPS Running Tracker

Runkeeper uses GPS to map your runs while logging the speed and distance run. Users set goals, then get audio distance and time updates during the run. There’s great music integration — you can listen to your favorite playlist and switch tracks within the app. It shows a variety of real-time information and is compatible with the Apple Watch.

Charity Miles

Run for charity with this app. Running this app before beginning your exercise routine will earn 25 cents per mile for your selected charity (bikers earn 10 cents per mile). You will, however, have to share your activity on Facebook for the charities to receive the donations.


Yoga isn’t just for hippies anymore. The great thing about the exercise is how applicable it is to all sorts of scenarios, whether you’re looking for a way to alleviate stress, recover from a previous injury, or build muscular strength for your next endeavor. That said, the peppering of apps below will allow you to learn the poses and positions while presenting you with all the necessary knowledge you may need to become a true yogi.

Daily Yoga

Geared toward beginners, the app offers short classes with accompanying music, along with a library of different poses and exercise routines. More advanced features and courses require a $13 three-month subscription.

Simply Yoga

Perfect for beginners, Simply Yoga guides you through a series of videos lasting between 20 minutes and an hour that cover more than 30 poses that you can do in the privacy of your own home. When you’re ready to move to the next level, you can opt to purchase the full version of the app.

Pocket Yoga ($3)

With more than 200 illustrated poses and detailed voice instructions, Pocket Yoga is a guide that will run down poses and exercises. Additionally, you can preview various practices and play your own music. The app will log progress every step of the way.

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

Featuring more than 65 individual classes, ranging from 10 to 60 minutes at any difficulty level, Yoga Studio guides you through poses with HD video classes. It has a robust catalog of more than 280 poses, which should be enough for most people.

FitStar Yoga

FitStar Yoga is a personalized training app that gauges your fitness level to adjust the difficulty of the yoga program. Each session has HD videos, as well as audio support. The app integrates with Jawbone UP, Fitbit, and MyFitnessPal, and you can track your progress with achievements.

Staying fit is one of the best thing you can give yourself. With the help of these apps, keeping yourself on track becomes easier and manageable.

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